Astronomic Tours

Astronomical observation

This is one of our innovations in touristic packages, unique in San Petro de Atacama.
Departure at 17:00 hrs from San Pedro de Atacama, we travel for 20 minutes until we get to a place named Gatchi where we start our trekking following Vilama River for around three hours till Guatin, best known as the cactus forest, here our camp await us with a cocktail for regaining energies. Next we will start the observation with a high power 8” Newtonian binocular telescope. Then we rest so we can go back to town at around 8:00 in the morning.
Reflex camera with tripod for taking pictures to the starry sky, you will be amazed with the results. Our team will be happy to helping you with the photographs.

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Enjoy the comfort of a customized tour, immerse yourself in a unique experience in Atacama, discovering incredible landscapes, crossing canyons, valleys and rivers or feel the magic of the world's cleanest sky in an Astronomical Tour and take the best souvenir of the Atacama Desert.