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Cejar & Tebenquinche Lagoons and Eyes of Salt Flat

Cejar lagoon is located at around 16km from San Pedro; this complex belongs to the reserve Los Flamencos. It consists of three main lagoons that feature a high salinity where you can experience how easily it is to floating. We start the tour from San Pedro entering into the immensity of the salt flat through salt roads at the same time that being overwhelmed by the Andes Mountain Range. After around 20 minutes we will get to our first stop Laguna Cejar and its highly salty waters, very similar to the Death Sea. Here we will take a bath and experience how easily we can float in the hot and cold temperature of the underground waters that come from the Andes Mountain range. (Swimming skills are not needed). Next we continue at the Ojos del Salar, two naturally formed and saline lagoons. By the end of the tour we will enjoy the sunset at Tebenquinche lagoon. We return to the town around 20 minutes after sunset.

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