Astronomic Tours

Astronomic Tour

Our tour is 100% scientific, at night only under optimal weather conditions. We count with a place specially adapted for this kind of activity. We have four telescopes Dobsonians and Newtonians. Our guide has solid knowledge in astronomy. The duration of the tour is two hours.
1 Objects we can observe according to season: planets, nebulas, open clusters, globular clusters, and stars.
2 The tour includes snack, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, herbal tea, biscuits, group photography, astronomy class, transportation back to the hotel.

Our Services

Enjoy the comfort of a customized tour, immerse yourself in a unique experience in Atacama, discovering incredible landscapes, crossing canyons, valleys and rivers or feel the magic of the world's cleanest sky in an Astronomical Tour and take the best souvenir of the Atacama Desert.